Zeffirelli Transforms

Human resources management (HR) is one of the corporate areas in which. The macroeconomic events of recent years have had the greatest impact. With significant repercussions on the information systems that cover this area. The transformation of HR systems underway in many organizations is inspir by the of architectural flexibility.   Computing  process integration database homogenization. The introduction of functions that support the most innovative HR management.

Zeffirelli Transforms Hr Management

An interesting case in this area is for example the Bulgaria Phone Number one underway at Pirelli , presented at the recent SAP Forum, and characterized, among other things, by the integration of traditional systems and software-as-a-service (SaaS) , by the unification of data model, and by entrusting the management of the system to Northgate Arinso (NGA), specialist in the HR world, which has supported the Milanese multinational since the feasibility study.

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“In today’s scenario, the experience with customers allows us to define several major. Trends in HR management  explained to the SAP Forum Sabin Pisa no. Business development director of NGA Italy which Pirelli has interpret. Incorporat in his project Pisano has defin these trends HR Transformation. One Vision , Strategic Outsourcing , and implementation of new technologies to support of change.

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