Your Micro-Marketing Questions, Answered

You’ve probably heard terms like micro-moments and micro-content. These phrases might sound like buzzwords, but they aren’t.

Micro-moments and micro-content stem from the Investors Email Address shift to mobile. Two-thirds of people in the United States have smartphones and use multiple devices a day. As a result, how we consume content has changed dramatically. Smartphones are search-driven devices, giving consumers the power to go anywhere, research anything, make an instant purchase, compare prices, and more. This behavior indicates that consumers value immediacy and relevance when they interact with brands.


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To help you develop a strategy to win micro-moments with micro-content, I’ve broken down the basics of each below. I highly recommend checking out Think With Google’s work, too. You’ll learn a lot.

What Are Micro-Moments?

Think With Google has conducted extensive research on micro-moments and broken them down into clear, motivations-based categories. Mobile actions are real-time and intent-driven, and micro-moments reflect that. Here, we’ll go through four key types of micro-moments from the consumer’s point of view to uncover what drives them to take action.

I-Want-to-Do Moments

These moments occur when an individual turns to his or her smartphone for inspiration, as 91 percent of smartphone users do. This could be to look for recipes, DIY home solutions, makeup tips, or workout ideas.

I-Want-to-Go Moments

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