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For many entrepreneurs focused on building brands, it’s hard to imagine life without a strong presence on the world’s largest social network. They often end up spending countless hours chasing vanity metrics like likes, shares, and followers, hoping to be  Nepal Phone Number List all the noise. They prioritize social media just because it’s done. It’s what everyone seems to be doing; constantly competing for attention among millions. But recently some brands have decided to create their own private social network. Many will still try to convince you, otherwise it would be brand suicide. But the really important question is, do those likes convert to clicks, and do those clicks convert to conversions? In all likelihood, few of these interactions result in meaningful engagement.


What is meaningful engagement and why is it important?

Engagement is not about liking and sharing. It’s about building relationships through constructive commentary and mutual learning. This is less likely to happen when you rely on mainstream social networks and you have very little control over the customer journey. In fact, having a large fan base can actually hurt your brand if you justlarge the Nepal Phone Number List of followers but there is no real interaction among community members. Let’s not forget that a dead community is nothing but a burden. People crave belonging more than ever. They want a space to share their ideas and passions with others. They want to be part of a club of like-minded people. Give them the necessary tools, and they’ll be more likely to engage at a more satisfying level than the interactions they might have on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Take responsibility for building your brand


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When trying to achieve our goals, it’s natural to look for shortcuts, and brand building is no exception. Unfortunately, focusing too much on shortcuts means ignoring the big picture. Even more so with branding, brands should always be seen as  Nepal Phone Number List journey rather than a destination. With an audience of billions, social media offers the ultimate shortcut. It’s a way to get your content in front of as many people as possible, as quickly as possible with the least amount of effort. At least, that’s what businesses want.

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