Yahoo’s Farewell

In the innovative Silicon Valley where you work anywhere at any time. Where you drive around the offices on a skateboard where the physical barriers of the. Offices have broken  in that Silicon Valley one of the leading companies says no. Now we change. Beyond the real motivations however a passage of official communication  makes us reflect.

Yahoo’s Farewell To Teleworking

A return to the past? Evidence that teleworking Jordan Phone Number doesn’t work? That work, to be such, must still be done in the office? Hard to say. What is certain is that Marissa Mayer (born in 1975, former top executive of Google, hired as CEO of Yahoo when she was pregnant) has turned the lives of hundreds of employees who had opted for teleworking and who are now in a position to adapt to the new directives or to resign. Therefore we will have to work side by side”. Is physical presence therefore a prerequisite for improving collaboration and communication? But weren’t technologies supposed to help improve “collaboration” in and out of the company?

According To Some Sources

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The reasons But what are the reasons for this turnaround? In a memo sent by the head of personnel to employees, it is written that “to make Yahoo the best place to work, collaboration and communication will be important and therefore we will have to work side by side. That’s why we all need to be in the office. Some of the best decisions come from discussions in the hallway or in front of the coffee machine, meeting new people or having impromptu meetings ”. According to some sources in the American press, Marissa Mayer’s decision derives; many of these are not productive; faced with the choice whether to go to the office or quit, many will choose the second hypothesis, thus favoring the strategy of reducing costs and lightening the structure.

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