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Managing interventions Often people make speeches that are too long instead of asking questions. Do not interact with others. Schwarz advises to politely interrupt and say, for example, “You’re absolutely right, can we talk about this later?. In particular if someone is prone to being verbose they might ask  before. The meeting or during a break  to minimize their comments to allow others to speak.

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Controlling misplac comments If two or three people Bahrain Phone Number touch on contiguous but not quite. Relevant topics the meeting can escalate says Pozen. Sometimes, someone may intentionally “go on a tangent” to bring the discussion to a topic of greatest interest to him or because he may be taking an unhappy direction. At this point, rather than accuse the person of trying to derail the meeting, it is better to understand what is going on. Pozen suggests saying something like, “You’ve rambled several times, what’s your concern?” Such an attitude can help get the meeting back on track.


Emphasize the move to a new point to be discuss “Leaders generally jump from topic to topic,” says Schwarz. “But the other participants don’t always manage to follow up immediately and can get mentally stuck on the previous topic.” So before tackling a new item on the agenda, it’s worth highlighting it to give you time to digest it and keep the conversation focused.
Ending the meeting well A productive meeting must end on the “right note” so as to prepare the ground for continuing the work. Pozen suggests asking the participants: “What are the next steps? Who is responsible for it? What are the times?. Write down the responses and send a follow up email so all attendees are align.

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