Women’s Day: 12 Blogs to Follow

As you probably already know, today we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Day. Inequalities decreased considerably in France during this period. But there is still work! We will think what we want of this event, a day remains very little for such an important cause.  Yes, we can all, at our Bolivia WhatsApp Number List, work throughout the year for this fight. I therefore mark the occasion today without losing sight of the need to make the efforts last over the length. To celebrate this women’s day, I offer you a selection of 15 interesting and detailed blogs classified by theme. Non-exhaustive list of course, sorry to all those I forgot… Happy reading, and good day to all the readers (and readers of course). HR/Employment personal branding Blog Personal Branding : for regulars of the blogosphere, it is difficult to miss Fadhili, omnipresent online.

Inequalities Decreased Considerably in France During This Period

She is a recognized specialist who has a lot to teach you about personal branding. as an aside As an aside : chronicles around the reconciliation of private life / professional life and work values ​​(well) written by a journalist. here is the job And that’s the job : blog of a journalist who approaches human Bolivia WhatsApp Number List from all angles. comics a geek at home A geek at home : even if there is a geek at home, it is Madame who offers her drawings full of humor and tenderness. green whale Lili the green whale : a clean and effective pencil stroke and a real sense of staging. To have ! Yatuu : anonymous blog of an intern who denounces both her working conditions and the recurring inequalities in the business world. With a lot of talent! Relaxation Helran : science, video games, films, Finland You will find many subjects covered in a nice way. through my dreams of love-in the course of my dreams of love : do you like recipes? You will be served! Eleonora presents us with ideas for dishes and desserts to drool over.

You Will Find Many Subjects Covered in a Nice Way.

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Bolivia WhatsApp Number List


Yum. upset diary Upset Diary : a joyful catch-all where the author tackles the subjects that are close to her heart. High tech / web Daria Daria blog : who said geeks were only men? Daria proves the opposite with panache. No fake geekery Bolivia WhatsApp Number List, but real expertise. We just regret the lack of updates. communicatingCommuniketing : communications and marketing news brilliantly summarized. blog experience IN the meantime Blog Experience : a blog about blogs and the blogosphere. To have an overview! And on this Women’s Day, a special thought to Priscilla , our favorite geekette/editor who runs the Women’s Employment section all year round .

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