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In one of our recent Tri-Tribes Q&A sessions, Chris Brogan made a note about sex that really got my attention. I should probably clarify that I’m not referring to sex, as in “Did you get it?” I mean gender as men vs women and how it affects our behavior, our thoughts, the potential of our blogs.

Assuming we all have an equal chance from the start, China Phone Number List is one gender more likely to blog successfully than the other? Do men have a natural advantage over women – or do women over men? In other words, no sex? Chris was responding to a woman who was about to launch a service business but was reluctant to do so because she was not officially “qualified”. Personal experience, yes.

I Just Double Checked…i’m Definitely a Woman

The ability to help her clients, yes. But not the kind of “qualification” that deserves the quotes. Here’s Chris’ reaction, in a nutshell: There’s a really glamorous thing about sex, and women worry that they don’t qualify. And men [on the other hand] are always just blatantly rushing to say ‘yes believe I can do it’ – even if they don’t really have the relevant skills.

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If they think they have a sense of skill, they’ll do it. The reason Chris’s answer about sex caught my attention is that I recently wrote an ebook about self-reinvention. I have no reservations about writing as an authority on this – although I don’t have a psychology degree or any similar validating credentials. I’ve successfully remodeled myself a few times, so I think my real-life effects are also experienced enough.

Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Will Be Girls

The obvious fact that I have not received reservations about publishing this book despite my lack of third-party verification makes me more of a man than a woman. I just double checked. I’m definitely a woman. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like “you’re more of a dude than a girl.” Most of the people who say this to me are male so I’ll assume it’s considered a compliment. The point is that there are differences in the characteristics of men and women. and some in men. This brings me back to my original question: When it comes to blogging and potential for success, and sex relationships?

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