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One of the most repetitive rules of writing compelling copy is to emphasize the benefits, not the features. In other words, identify that each feature of the product or service provides the prospect with an essential benefit, as this is what prompts a purchase.

This is a rule that always applies when it’s not just a rule. We’ll look at a little exception. fake benefits The idea of ​​the above features highlighting the, Cayman Islands Phone Number List advantages seems simple enough. But it is often difficult to do in practice. Writers often end up in lieu of fake benefits . Direct response copywriter Clayton Mesping says the benefits of counterfeiting will kill sales copy , so you have to be on the lookout for them in your writing.

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He uses this title as an example: Balance blood sugar levels naturally! This sounds beneficial, doesn’t it?​​ In reality, there is no real benefit in the title. real benefit Mai Siping recommends applying for his patented “forehead slap” test to see if your copy actually contains reader benefits. In other words, have you ever woken up from a deep sleep, slapped yourself on the forehead, and exclaimed “Man…I need to balance my blood sugar levels naturally!

Cayman Islands Phone Number List
Cayman Islands Phone Number List

” I don’t think so. So, it will be very difficult for others to pull their wallets to buy the so-called “benefits”. Here’s how Makepeace identifies the real benefits hidden in headlines: “No one really wants to balance their blood sugar levels. But anyone in his or her right heart also wants to avoid blindness…coldness, numbness, pain in limbs.

How to Extract Real Benefits

Amputee diabetics The pain that goes together…and the untimely death.” A high-risk person will want to avoid the dire consequences of diabetes. This is an example product offering real benefits. Word by Copyblogger:

A New Free Resource for Writers Word Ebook Change Writer At Copyblogger, we believe that writers should feel fulfilled – emotionally and financially – in their careers. Get our best advice in our new word ebook: a smart resource we put together for our writer friends. Click to download WORD, the free eBook for writers. How to extract real benefits So how do you successfully extract what is the real benefit? Here’s a four-step process that works: Make a list of every feature of your product or service. Ask yourself why each feature is included in the first place.

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