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From strata they explained that “As the confidence in the roi of online video increases. The appetite of the agencies for other digital video formats also becomes greater. We are seeing an increase in the interest of the agencies for automation tools. Including programmatic trading, to find the right inventory and the right audience at the Palestine B2B List 4 in 10 agencies are already making at least 20% of their video ad buys. On programmatic platforms, but there are still plenty of concerns about inventory. Quality (60%) and transparency (45%). Not only from agencies is interest in this format growing. From companies themselves it is also being paid more and more attention, and, in fact. 9 out of 10 brands already use videos for their content marketing, according to a report.

Today 4 in 10 Agencies Are Already Making

Online videos are becoming an absolutely essential tool for marketing plans, and it is not surprising if we take into account that 96% of young people already watch videos on a regular basis, or that by 2019 this will be 81% of all netizens who will. Having also shown that they help build trust and multiply sales, it seems that there are compelling reasons Palestine B2B List to ignore them. And in advertising and marketing agencies they are also aware of this. This has been shown by a survey carried out by STRATA, echoed by Warc, where 7 out of 10 acknowledged being more interested in this format than a year ago (the highest increase since this survey was conducted).

Online videos are becoming an absolutely essential

Palestine B2B List

Brands are failing miserably when it comes to personalizing their approach to consumers. Despite the fact that 81% of the brands surveyed say that data has become. A critical or very important element when it comes to producing content. Thus, 69% of Palestine B2B List do not personalize their home page or the landing pages to which they send their consumers. It is not the only questionable figure: although 59% claim to use email marketing to connect with consumers. 69% of these companies also admit that they do not personalize the content at all.

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