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An old familiar discussion has popped up again on the blog. Every few months a debate erupts about bloggers “A-lists” and facing inequality that isn’t included. This time, Jason Calacanis (for “A-List”) and Hong Yongcheng (for “Blue Collar” bloggers) go for it with healthy interjections from Hugh McLeod ‘s gaping cracks .

Tony is a good point about the fact that a lot of A-list bloggers are Germany Phone Number List already famous. And when they start blogging they tend to cluster in California and NYC.

There Is an a-list of Bloggers

But other than that I don’t know why anyone (especially the artificially talented Tony) should dwell on this. My friend Roland Feldman who, like me, was an unknown more than a year ago, chime in because only Loren has the right to stop crying through video . While I disagree with “not a list” in the literal sense, I do Roland’s whole point of just working to agree, don’t worry because it just doesn’t matter . Of course, there is an A-list of bloggers.

Germany Phone Number List
Germany Phone Number List

Technorati guarantees the top 100 by providing rankings, by highlighting it , it’s human nature and sorting categories, blogs are no different. But that’s not the point. Because unlike other tiered systems, the A-list in this case has nothing to do with your success unless you make it . And when you look at claims like this, the truth is there really isn’t a list. Jason Calacanis and Hugh McLeod never linked to me and most likely they will never link to you.

Technorati Guarantees the Top 100

They are not gatekeepers, as social media offers countless other paths to gaining audiences. That’s why a list doesn’t matter, and why social media is so cool. You can, as long as you work here, while those famous bloggers succeed. And it’s easier online than ever in the real world. I think it would be best to paraphrase what a clever little boy said from the Matrix spoon Boy: Don’t try to make a list. This is impossible. On the contrary…there is only truth to trying to achieve. Blogger: What is the truth? Spoon Boy: Is there a list. Blogger: Is there a list? Spoon Boy: Then you see, it’s not a list that you’re stuck with, it’s just yourself.

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