When the Government Pays Influencers to Promote the Uns

In june, the experimentation phase of the snu – acronym for national universal service – began. Which is aimed at young people between 16 and 18 years old. To promote this service. The government has decided to integrate advertising through influencers into its digital strategy. Your digital strategy agency reviews the influence marketing strategy used by the ministry of national education. To promote its universal national service, the government, and more particularly. The ministry of national education decided to use influencer marketing. Indeed, he decided to pay influencers, as well as entertainment and information sites. To make publications, or videos, sponsored on their networks.

The Government and More Particularly the Ministry of National Education

The government has adapted to current trends and has therefore chosen to take on influential YouTubers. With a fairly young community, to have a better impact on adolescents. We can therefore find 3 great youtubers who have  Belgium WhatsApp Number List promoted the snu tibo inshape (6 million subscribers). Sunday jules (1.3 million) and enzo, shut up! (1.1 million). The ministry of national education justifies, with bfmtv. The choice to focus its communication on social media by the omnipresence of young people on social networks. In order to develop this marketing strategy. The government did not skimp on the means.

Strong Reactions on Social Networks the Government Has Adapted to

In order to promote its new civic service. The government has decided to apply a strategy that will directly affect young people. Those concerned by the universal national service. To do this, he decided to use an influence marketing strategy by paying influencers.  This strategy has had a lot of feedback from internet users. And not only positive since it has been more often criticized. Among the criticisms that have been posted. We find the lack of transparency, an important thing for internet users. Both on the government side and on that of influencers. What they sell does not reflect the reality of universal national service.

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