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At the end of 2013 SuccessFactors customers around the world grew significantly.  Further strengthening the panel of over 23 million users. 3,700 customer companies including for example Pirelli . Furthermore in October the research institute Forrester Research position SuccessFactors as a leader in HR management systems in the Saas field. What is certain is that to support this new wave of processes. Projects in progress we need advanc digital content management platforms. Capable of visualizing data and interpreting them sharing. Archiving them planning contents supporting simulations retrieve cross-reference data to produce valuable information as useful when needed and to whom it is really needed. In this sense, the cloud is a precious resource, which lightens company information systems.

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However, it is important that today the HR solutions Brazil Phone Number in the Cloud offer functions for use on the move. “In a world where everyone lives and works always connected, it is also necessary that the solutions to support Human Resources be accessible on any device, at any time”, continues Bergesio. Our customers increasingly ask for flexibility mobility simplification of processes. Ease of use of solutions to be able to work and interact from anywhere and above all to be able to make the right decisions at the right time.

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The application helps the HR function to structure the processes relating to compensation. Recruitment career and succession plans and among various possibilities. Supports the management of training and business performance.The two keywords of the Success Factors system are certainly mobile and social. Wherever they are the user has the opportunity to access and view their profile from any device. Interact with colleagues regarding holidays leave payslips training career plans or more simply exchange.  Share information, useful messages and news emphasizes the SAP manager.

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