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Import CSV product file to WooCommerce To import the CSV file, open your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce → Products . Select Import . woocommerce import products Select Choose File and choose the Image Manipulation CSV file you want to import. Then click Continue . On the Column Mapping screen , WooCommerce will automatically try to match the column name from the CSV file to the  relevant product fields. Then run the importer . It may take a few moments for the importer to execute the file, and once the import is complete, you will get an “Import Complete” message. Moving your domain from Shopify to your new hosting For your Shopify store, domain and hosting are usually included.


So if you want Image Manipulation to keep the same domain,

You will need to transfer it to your new host. In most cases, Shopify uses OpenSRS as the domain provider, so you need to go to the domain manager and make the necessary adjustments before transferring the domain Image Manipulation. To prepare your Shopify domain for transfer: Open your OpenSRS account. Go to “Domain Lock” and click “Disable”. Locate the domain authorization code by opening the “Domain Extras” tab and copy it. To transfer the domain to your new hosting, follow your provider’s instructions for moving the domain and contact their support if you need help.

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Canceling Shopify  Image Manipulation When everything is ready

With your brand new WooCommerce site, it’s time to cancel your Shopify store. After all, you are very unlikely to use Shopify once you migrate the store to Image Manipulation WooCommerce, so why would you continue to Image Manipulation use and pay for their  especially if you’ve already established an international web structure for them.  If you are currently targeting a country in effect.  2 bluehost – best cyber ​​monday dedicated .Server deals bluehost black friday and cyber ​​monday deal

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