What if the Scams Were True? A Christmas Story 2.0

You all know the principle of the scam. Someone you absolutely don’t know sends you an email offering you a large sum of money in exchange for a little help And your bank details, of course. Some have been tricked, but fortunately this is becoming rare. Sites have been set up to denounce and make fun of this phenomenon: it’s called scambait. But have you Egypt WhatsApp Number List what would happen if this kind of email turned out to be true? A company decided to check it for the holiday season. Rather than multiplying the small gifts to her customers, she gathered in a briefcase the sum of 10,000 dollars and sent an email to hundreds of customers. This email was of course shot in the manner of a scam, with great reinforcements of heavy and candid turns of phrase.

But Have You Ever Thought About What Would

Only one responded, the video shows the two instigators of the operation bringing him the briefcase. And like any Christmas tale, it ends well, with the money being donated to charity in… Nigeria! Country of the scam par excellence. The concept is very very good! Attention, the video is in English Egypt WhatsApp Number List .No doubt, it’s a huge mess. My Blog Log, one of the most popular widgets, will soon go out of business. site. A simple concept appreciated by bloggers, especially beginners. It is a quick indicator that allows you to see a sample of visitors to a site.

The Operation Bringing Him the Briefcase

Egypt WhatsApp Number List
Egypt WhatsApp Number List

Five years after its launch, RWW has just announced its upcoming closure. The company was acquired in 2007 by Yahoo! for the sum of 10 million dollars. Not enough to take the product seriously, obviously… Changes have Egypt WhatsApp Number List then. MyBlogLog has therefore logically fallen behind and aged prematurely. Its potential was enormous but was untapped… We are not going to say thank you to Yahoo! on this one! Will a competitor rub shoulders with this vacant market? It will still be necessary to create a solid user base as is currently the case on MyBloLog… For the rest, wait & see, we should have news soon.

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