What Can Social Selling Bring to B2b Companies

Digital has changed the behavior of consumers, and therefore that of companies as well. These have had to adapt to this change, even companies established in a B2B market. Among this adaptation, we can find social networks, which are part of the essential levers of a good digital strategy. Social Selling is one of the methods helping companies to sell through social networks. Your SMO agency explains the benefits that Social Selling can bring to B2B companies.

What Is Social Selling as Its Name Suggests

As its name suggests, Social Selling is a method of improving the sales of your business using social networks. To do this, it is the salespeople who take care of their company’s profiles in order to support prospects in their research and that Belize WhatsApp Number List they trust them; they then take the place of advisers. Sales representatives are also present in order to generate more points of contact, and to maintain them. The principle of Social Selling is to avoid spam by using the social side, by listening to the interlocutor and by highlighting altruism, as well as patience towards the prospect. It is a real interaction with the latter because it is at the heart of the exchange. Automatic messages should therefore be avoided.

What Social Selling Brings to B2b Companies

Since cold calling does not work because it is not appreciated by prospects. Companies must find a better way to improve their sales. Social networks have therefore been a solution for them. Indeed, more than 75% of companies spend time on social networks before making a purchase. And 54% of salespeople say they have concluded a sale thanks to this method (source: forgacom ). It then allows b2b companies to win more leads, and this by spending less money than with other digital marketing methods. Social selling has several significant advantages for b2b companies, in particular. That which improves their brand image, if the contact with the prospect is made correctly.

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