Webmii People Search Engine, the Return of Big Brother

n the People Finder series , Spock made headlines just two years ago. The purpose of this site was ultimately to fully identify the world’s population and information related to them on the web. The media had seized on this then nascent fashion for the centralization of data . The specter of Big Brother loomed over this intrusive concept, and the reviews Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List. Is this a breach of privacy ? This kind of site has since multiplied. More than a real threat to the protection of your personal data , they above all highlight the importance of managing your digital identity. And watch on his “personal brand”. Anything related to your name is quickly found online. Accounts on social networks , contact details, photos and other traces of your activity naturally go up on the Google result pages.

The Purpose of This Site Was Ultimately

And if this is not the case, specialized sites take care of it! This is for example the case of 123people which seems to be taking the lead in the sector in France. But the development of these services is not over, as evidenced by the arrival of Webmii , devilishly more efficient… webmii The principle of the site is to be able to search in one click for all the information Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List person. Indicate a surname, first name and country of origin, the site will display the results. For this, it will aggregate data from several other sources. Thus, Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Annuaire118000 or Yahoo. Links are even present to extend searches to several social networks . In summary, knowing the digital life of a personhas never been so easy. The site also offers the allocation of a , a score from 1 to 10 sanctioning your presence (or not) on the web.

But the Development of These Services

 Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List
Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List


There is no particular interest, the scale of values ​​not being explained. This is not necessarily a disadvantage or a disadvantage . As Benjamin Chaminade said in a recent interview, “ those who know the system Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List advantage ”! The emergence of this type of site linked to the quasi-automatic googlisation of recruiters on the names of candidates confirms the importance of monitoring one’s online activities. Keeping a blog, updating your profiles on professional social networks or even interventions on various sites can be a real plus and give a “color” to your digital traces . Are you an expert on a subject? Show it! There is no doubt that digital identity and personal brandingstill have a bright future ahead of them. If, of course, the problem of homonyms is settled and if the relevance is refined…

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