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This sentence may seem gender Oman Phone Number neutral, but it is not. The man dominates in the Dutch language and women are disadvantaged, without us realizing it. Science even has a name for it: male bias . But that male bias is not the only thing at play. In this article I want to answer the questions: what makes our language misogynistic, why is it a Oman Phone Number problem and what can we do about it? When writing a text for one of the clients of our agency, we got stuck on the following sentence: ‘ If a visitor does not have his or her subscription with him Oman Phone Number Linguistically, this sentence is correct.

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But we didn’t like the sound of the dual Oman Phone Number gender designation. We adapted the text to: ‘ If a visitor doesn’t have their subscription with them But that was not gender neutral. The plural form ‘ When visitors don’t have their subscription Oman Phone Number with them’ is. But that variant is impersonal and less pleasant to read. So the best option was actually not to be found. Men and women alike In 1980 the Equal Treatment of Men and Women Act Oman Phone Number came into effect. Under this law, an employer may not discriminate when entering into an employment contract.

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The fact that this law is not yet fully implemented Oman Phone Number in practice is apparent from the extensive media reporting on income inequality, and from the small number of women in top positions in companies or in government. female and male male bias. Husband first. Then the woman. One of the reasons for this is that men are given priority over Oman Phone Number women in the Dutch language. If you look closely at the title of the law on equal treatment, something stands out: ‘the equal treatment of men and women ‘ . Note the order. The man comes Oman Phone Number first. The woman second. And in practice this does not happen just once, but actually always as soon as men and women are listed together.

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