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blogcrastination (blog – KRAS – TUH -ney-SHerN ) – Postponement of writing blog posts to a later time; often an anxiety coping mechanism. If you’ve grown a blog, you know how ugly blogcrastination can be. It messes with your goals, kills your spirit, and makes.

You think about your decisions. It can take you from Malaysia Phone Number List writing posts every day to letting days, weeks, or even months go by without writing. It can even make you wonder if blogging has really been cut. I know because I’ve been there, and the good news is, there’s a way through it.

You Push So Hard and It Hurts

But first, you need to accept that you are a blogcrastinator (which can be difficult and requires a strong character) and start developing an awareness of its clues. See if you can identify them yourself: 1. Stay put off If this is you, you sound a bit like Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. The key is that you honestly plan to write and get it .

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This afternoon or tomorrow morning or this weekend.  Just not now. First, you have to complete 6 loads of laundry, choose a new home office decor style, and get Inbox Zero. After this, blogging is definitely at the top of your priority list. Or rather, you keep telling yourself. Treatment Plan : Give yourself a series of written in very short time periods, interspersed with other activities. Don’t make this a big problem.

You Are Easily Distracted

Convince yourself that it’s not the most important thing, you can do it in small pieces. Remember, you’re just jotting down a few words here and there. (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). 2. You push so hard and it hurts Your method of writing is done by booting, pounding your brain on paragraphs over and over again, until your piece is done, no matter what. In fact, you probably don’t call yourself a blogcrastinator at all because you do finished posts.

When you can sit yourself down and write. The problem is, writing is so painful, you can’t do it yourself very often. Treatment plan : The prescription is simple: take a few minutes of rest! Pay attention to how you feel, and when writing starts to feel like dragging a boulder uphill, stop. It’s better to do some physical strength, like taking brisk walks, or packing up the dishes, whatever gets your mind, into your body.


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