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Conclusion: don’t translate calendar Netherlands Phone Number blindly with calendar ; agenda is often meant. 9. Low in calories When you hear or read in an advertisement that something is low in calories, that sounds like low in calories . And it is indeed literally translated into English. That crooked phrase is a trick of the food industry. According to Netherlands Phone Number European rules, manufacturers are not allowed to claim that a product contains fewer or few calories if it is not at least 30% less than the regular, fattening version. Conclusion: low in Netherlands Phone Number calories, fat, etc. is ugly; as an ‘ordinary person’ you can safely use a more normal formulation.

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More recent, most beautiful More Netherlands Phone Number in all sorts of ways: recently , recently , and also , lately – plenty of choices. More recent and more recen are so clearly based on English that they do not sound fluent in Dutch. In general, Dutch uses much less defined magnifying and superlatives with more and more than English (see Onze Taal for Netherlands Phone Number the exceptions to that rule of thumb). Conclusion: avoid shapes as more recent and most beautiful . 11. Miss “There’s a part missing.” You were not allowe to say that in the Netherlands Phone Number past. Something is not missing, but is missing.

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However, nowadays this use of missing Netherlands Phone Number is at most a bit more informal than missing an missing pages can also be calle missing pages. Conclusion: certainly in colloquial speech there is nothing wrong with missing . 12. Number 1 ‘The number 1 reason why start-ups fail’ ? It’s a tricky construction just because of the spelling. But yes, Netherlands Phone Number translate the number-1 reason into Dutch. It can done with a little creativity. Let go of that whole English wording and just say what’s going on: “the main reason,” “the biggest Netherlands Phone Number dating site,” “the best florist,” “the top advertiser.” Conclusion: avoid compositions with number.

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