Videos: El Empleo and Cat Business Trip

To start the week off right, I have two work-themed videos for you. They offer two opposing and caricatural visions of employment. The first is an animated short that questions the meaning of work, our place in society and our relationship to objects. Between sadness, poetry and commitment, it’s a great success. The short film El empleo was directed by Argentinian Patricio Chile WhatsApp Number List . Seen at Koreus . The second video is still about employment, but with a cat. It’s been a long time. This time our favorite (or not) feline becomes a businessman on the go. Ideal for advertising a hotel… Ah yes, I forgot, Cat business trip advertising is Japanese. This explains that.

They Offer Two Opposing and Caricatural Visions of Employment

Here is a new selection of links gleaned from my blogosphere in recent days. On the program, lots of icons, free ebooks, a mind-blowing phone prank and a new show on community management. Blogging & tools icons Hundreds of thousands of social icons : that’s it? You could have made an effort Mr Xhark! But also… Twitter: Give color to Chile WhatsApp Number List Of Twitter : a cool effect to bring your tweets to life. Free ebooks on Numilog : because free access to culture is always better. 20 basic rules to follow for a professional account on Twitter_ : Twitter has become an effective visibility tool, don’t forget the rules related to digital identity on this network! The best SEO of the Top 50 Wikio High Tech : not necessarily agree with the criteria, but still interesting to watch! BusyLissy – Free online collaborative project manager : the concept is interesting, to be tested.

The Best Seo of the Top 50 Wikio High Tech

 Chile WhatsApp Number List
Chile WhatsApp Number List

Advice and explanations wikioOnline reputation: Wikio, day-to-day identity management : we often talk about Wikio, it’s interesting to see what’s going on behind the scenes. And for the record, they are hiring! But also… Optimizing your opinion monitoring with Google : summary of the possibilities by Google in terms of monitoring. The novövision d’or 2010: my best link harvesters : all the resources for effective Chile WhatsApp Number List at the library : or how to feel the text in a new way. Social networks: ambient intimacy : excellent interview with Yann Leroux. Where is hyperlocal journalism? : a problem for the future!!!! Relaxation 241543903241543903 : a rather funny google bombing! But also… Audio:

A man makes his ex-girlfriend believe that he won the LOTTO : there are some who have no doubts! iPad they all talk about it, Apple winner! : the phenomenon Chile WhatsApp Number List, quite criticized all the same…The Community manager Show, the program on community management : birth of a program on community management. Honey, I’ll call you later && Casual friday spirit (clothing drive)! : some are ready to do anything to go have a beer…Girls’ blogs suck because girls suck : a ticket to the second degree, you’ll understand! Fast food in all its forms : diverted junk food, it gives nice results!

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