Video Customization: Becoming a Hero Is Possible…

I had seen this video customization site a few weeks ago. Very well done, it had been a victim of its own success and had quickly limited its access to residents of Sweden The injustice has been repaired, the site is now accessible to all. Now is Cyprus WhatsApp Number List it! The concept takes up a great classic of online promotion (films, sites, etc.), namely the personalization of videos in your image. What differentiates this service is the quality of the overlay and the baseline: you are the hero of an entire country! If you want to be Sweden’s savior (for a few moments at least), all you have to do is upload your photo.

I Had Seen This Video Customization Site a Few Weeks Ago

You will get an embed code that will allow you to display the result on your blog. Give it a try, we’d believe it! Customization begins halfway through the movie. The whole thing should cost2.5 billion euros over 5 years . Just that ! In a climate barely softened since the discussions around Cyprus WhatsApp Number List , draconian and outdated even before its application, it hardly reacts except geeks, bloggers and other minority groups of informed Internet users. The many disappointments around this controversial project, of course, do not call anything into question. Neither does the ease of circumventing the device. And net neutrality is once again called into question… Not to mention a two-speed Internet that is developing. black out How to react and make your voice heard? The reactions are timid in France.

The Future Will Tell Us if This Internet Blackout

Cyprus WhatsApp Number List
Cyprus WhatsApp Number List

In Australia, a Loppsi-type law is about to pass. The mobilization is underway, with a Blackout scheduled for January 25 to 29, like the initiative taken in New Zealand last year. The principle ? Display a black screen on its site at this time to make visitors aware of the problem. The future will tell us if Cyprus WhatsApp Number List will be effective. If so, this might give others some ideas… Far be it from me to take any political position. But the turn of events must push us to take a step back and analyze what is happening. The main people concerned by this type of measure are of course Internet users, it is up to them to make their rights heard! And above all to find out what is going on. Many initiatives are currently being taken at the highest levels in many countries. It’s starting to look like an underlying trend… What if web freedom was soon just a vague memory? When is a declaration of human rights on the Internet?

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