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Here are some news from Eastern employment blogs with the best posts published in recent weeks on the platform. The business of sales is changing. Eric explains to us that we must now become a 2.0 salesperson and not let ourselves be discouraged! Pascale went to the job fair for seniors. It was an enriching experience full of encounters. Sylvain is back after a year’s Brazil WhatsApp Number List. He succeeded in his conversion, a big congratulations! He is now officially a web integrator/developer. Philippe presents the FIC 2010, the International Cybercrime Forum which will take place in Lille at the end of March.

The Business of Sales Is Changing

Many interesting conferences are on the program. Jack informs us that the unemployment rate is likely to be at an all-time high in 2010. The news is not good but should not discourage you. Joël offers us his ex-employee Brazil WhatsApp Number List . goes through all the feelings: trial and error, hopes and discouragement. Lionel talks about the Greenethiquette, a commitment charter for consumers of hosted services. David highlights his creations. And finally, Jean-Daniel presents the new album of the group Tribe. To listen !The restaurants of the heart celebrate (unfortunately) their 25th year. For the occasion, they are launching a major campaign with bloggers.

Many Interesting Conferences Are on the Program

Brazil WhatsApp Number List
Brazil WhatsApp Number List

The fact remains that 10 meals will be offered for each ticket published for the operation. And may the Restos du Coeur remain the Rests du Coeur! Two bloggers from the platform have already spoken about it: Jacinta and Brazil WhatsApp Number List. I therefore respond to their request for relay by publishing this post. And I urge you to do the same! The large number of blogs on our platform can make it possible to offer hundreds of meals to people in need, it would be a shame not to play the game. So don’t hesitate to participate! I will make a regular update on the number of participants and the number of meals generated. At your virtual feathers, the meals will not be.

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