Unemployed on Video: the Pilot!

Announced and expected for a long time, it is now a reality. The excellent BD Sans emploi blog now has a video version ! While season 6 has already started, this news will delight all Constantin fans. Recall that he was the winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Summer Singapore WhatsApp Number List the best job blogs in 2008 . Congratulations to him, and all my best wishes ! Without further ado, here is the Unemployed pilot on video Here are some news from northern job bloggers . Corentin is well on his way to business school admissions.

The Excellent Bd Sans Emploi

Good luck for the home straight and for the final choice! Virginie gives us some news . She is more and more comfortable at her post. Antony has landed an interview for a fast food chain , hope everything went well. Bad news, Marie-Françoise has just been robbed… Sadly , the Singapore WhatsApp Number List lot of equipment. We of course wish him a lot of courage. Finally, the blog of the Provemploi show presents a video promoting Aisne and its quirky campaign. Need R, go to the N ! Northern job blogs And in the East? Natalie introduces herself. She has 22 years of experience in Watchmaking-Jewellery-Goldsmithing. Holger shares his vision of the blog with us. He sees it as an opportunity to share his knowledge , his knowledge, his impressions…

Good Luck for the Home Straight

Singapore WhatsApp Number List
Singapore WhatsApp Number List

What is yours? Be careful, do not read the post that follows noon! Pascale offers us her nameless recipe à la mode Singapore WhatsApp Number List . And that really makes you want to! Cédric is an ICT sales engineer , he is looking for a work-study contract for September 2009. Eric introduces us to the VRP: the True Photovoltaic Representative! Provemploi also reassures on this subject: 45% of companies plan to recruitat least one sales executive in the second quarter of 2009. . Philippe embarks on the adventure of self-entrepreneurship. Good luck ! Denis reports on the local professional exchanges organized by the Epinal fiber competitiveness cluster in which he participates. Latest topic, RFID technology . Finally, Jean-Daniel gratifies us with an impressive new musical chronicle . This time it’s Nicolas Dary at the Munster Jazz Festival.:

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