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IGTV or Instagram TV is an extended version of Instagram Stories. They were long-form vertical videos that launched on Instagram in June 2018, but now Instagram supports both vertical and horizontal videos on IGTV. This video channel is  El Salvador Phone Number List even as a standalone app. The video is longer than the story. Users can create videos up to 10 minutes in length. Verified users (those with a blue tick next to their username) can make up to an hour of IGTV video. It takes a while for users on Instagram to get used to IGTV videos. This is because producing such a long social video requires a significant investment of time and cost. To improve this and the use of this feature, Instagram has introduced a sub-feature.


How to use IGTV in a few easy steps

How to use IGTV is a question asked by many. This is a natural process with the following steps  Create a channel to post IGTV videos. You must set the same privacy settings and bio as your own Instagram account In the Instagram app, you have the El Salvador Phone Number List icon will appear on the right side of the screen. You have to click it. Then it will give you an option to “Create Channel” or “Cancel”. On-screen prompts will guide you through the process. On the IGTV app, the same steps must be followed  On the web page, the IGTV icon must be clicked and the on-screen instructions must be followed.


Users Must Follow These Steps for Them to Be Successful.


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The main reason IGTV now prefers watching videos is that there are no commercials or commercials. It allows users to watch the entire video without any interruptions, which is very welcome. Viewers tend to lose interest due to ad breaks. It works for IGTV videos. Compared to the videos in Instagram Stories, these videos are also always there. It has a  El Salvador Phone Number List longer than a 10-second video. Instagram has a massive audience of 1 billion users, so it took a while for the IGTV video feature to gain massive popularity. With the right use of hashtags and keeping Instagram’s metrics in mind, IGTV videos can be a huge success for brands and e-commerce owners.

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