Tsooji, the Business Card of Your Digital Identity

There are many solutions to centralize your digital identity . The blog remains in my opinion the most logical and efficient hub, especially through tools like Bloggy bits . However, sites using the concept popularized by Tim Van Iceland WhatsApp Number List alternative and are multiplying. Card.ly , for example, had great success a few weeks ago. The principle is to indicate its various online presences on the same page in a simple and uncluttered way. A virtual business card , in a way. A newcomer is entering this market. This is Tsooji, which has the merit of being a French initiative. First good point, registration is fast and free .

The Blog Remains in My Opinion the Most Logical

Once logged in, you will need to fill in the various elements you wish to highlight: name, contact details, company, company contact details, professional profile, photo, etc. And of course the addresses of your various online accounts. Several Iceland WhatsApp Number List customize it. However, it remains well-composed against its competitors. Very quick to set up, it can be useful if you don’t have a blog but you still have an online activity .

Several Backgrounds Are Available to Customize It

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Iceland WhatsApp Number List

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