Tricount Facilitates Accounts Between Friends

Discovered thanks to a tweet from eogez this morning, Tricount is a really practical service. When you go on vacation with friends, the hour of reckoning always arrives at one time or another. Typically, a person devotes himself to meticulously recording each expense and performing a tedious calculation of who owes how much to whom. Some opt for a simple notebook, others for customized Excel tables to make your company’s accountant Belize WhatsApp Number List. It was without counting on the web! Tricount is really the kind of application that you come across wondering why no one had thought of it before. You have two ways to use it: by Internet or via the iPhone application which is free. The web version Each participant in the trip or event can create an account to manage their expenses and then share them with the group.

Some Opt for a Simple Notebook

Each purchase added includes several options: the persons concerned (all or only a few), the amount, the currency, the date, the payer. Everything will be grouped under one heading. expenses Once all the expenses have been returned or the trip is over, go to the balance section. You will know immediately who owes how much to whom. Simply ! balance You can also use the service on Facebook. The iPhone version An Belize WhatsApp Number List version of Tricount is also available for free. You can use it in the same way as the web version.  3 Simple and well thought out, the Tricount application will quickly become essential for your holidays and outings with friends. Thanks to our Partnership Manager for iPhone screenshots. It’s actually a speaker so you can listen to music wherever you want. Why shaped like a rice cooker? Er… We still wonder…rice cooker usb 17.9 euros here USB battery To be reserved for amateur musicians who find it difficult to leave far from their computer.

Everything Will Be Grouped Under One Heading

Belize WhatsApp Number List
Belize WhatsApp Number List

When the web is slowing down a bit, you can always improvise a concert. Or not. battery $30 over here The mole-swatter Or how to lose all productivity on a Friday afternoon. Tap on the moles that light up as fast as Belize WhatsApp Number List. And try to resist the more than annoying noise! Taupe trap sent by coindugeek . 16 euros here. The mini fridge Ideal for hot summer afternoons. This mini-fridge contains a can, that’s not bad! fridge 30 euros here. The mobile missile launcherThe missile launcher has an already proven usefulness (I can testify, I can’t live without it). But quickly we see its limits: difficulty in aiming, enemy who becomes too attentive, lack of surprise effect… Fortunately, there are mobile models so that you no longer miss your objective. Via Games & geeks. The R2D2 air humidifier A humidifier, yes.


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