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Are your competitors reaching passive candidates on Facebook? Can you generate more leads with Twitter? How much website traffic are you missing by not being more active on social media?  How well are your recruiting agency Bahamas Phone Number List media? Also, every time someone interacts with your company in some way on social media. It creates a window of opportunity to start a conversation with them . Especially if you want to generate customer leads or build rapport with passive candidates important. All of these accounts have considerable room for improvement, for example, none of them have mastered influencer marketing.

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The chart below shows that institutions in the industry are more focused on LinkedIn anywhere else, with very little activity on Facebook and Twitter. So in this niche, monopolizing the market scope offered by social media is still readily available. To Bahamas Phone Number List expect a social-media-savvy recruiting agency like this to get over 200. Shares per post if it invests in some content and builds a decent social media presence.

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Both Blu Digital and 3Search can drive massive web traffic from Twitter with the right content strategy and tactics to leverage existing Twitter audiences. Twitter followers Digital Marketing Hiring – Number of Twitter Followers. The situation is markedly different when we look at Facebook. Where we can see that only Geminis have invested in growing their audience there although some agencies may advertise “under the radar” on Facebook. Facebook followers Digital Marketing Recruiting Facebook Followers Get business results from social media . The Bahamas Phone Number List that really delivers results for a recruiting agency are engagement and social sharing. If we start with social sharing first, the tremendous power of social media is making your brand and its content visible to audiences far beyond the candidates and customers who already know and interact with your business.

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