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Like every week, I suggest you find a selection of 6 online tools and services that can be practical in your use of Twitter, blogging or simply surfing. On the program of the day: avatars , a translator and something to compose your salsa hits . Correct my text Correct my text is a collaborative site based on a great idea. Do you have a roughly translated text and Malaysia WhatsApp Number List it proofread by people who speak that language? Visit the site for contact. Collaborative is the royal road for language learning and this kind of models represent the future of the sector. Be careful however, as Transtextuel (who is a translator) reminds us, this kind of site does not guarantee a professional result at all .

I Suggest You Find a Selection of 6 Online Tools

To be used for troubleshooting so, for the rest if it’s really important, there are people whose job it is. corectmytext Twinslator You don’t speak English, but you want to twitter in the language of Shakespeare? This little tool will help you do that. Enter the chosen text then translate . You can then tweet the translation (or both versions) directly with one click. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List use for the service, the double publication of all your tweets in two languages ​​is likely to serve you more than anything else… twinslator jojo face In line with the Face your manga box , here is Jojo face . The goal is always to create a manga style avatar. The rendering here is more “gothic”, and the result not so easy to obtain since the texts are in Japanese.

In Line With the Face Your Manga Box

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List
Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

Seen at Thierry’s . jojo face Avartize Who hasn’t dreamed of adding a banana, a WWF logo or even super stylish flames to their avatar ? No doubt a lot of people, and so much the better… If you’re a fan of kitsch and the avatars of forums from 10 years ago remain for you the heights of 2.0 art , then this site will please you. It allows you to add various elements to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your Twitter avatar . avartize The Salsa Beat Machine Are you craving Salsa ? This site offers you to create your own titles. Choose the instruments you want, the BPM, the key, and make your different sound settings to arrive at your own summer hit . No backup possible, you will have to dance in front of the computer.

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