7 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

When it comes to our webpages, we’re CFO Email List prideful. We want to show off our content and have the world benefit from what we’ve created. Unfortunately, if consumers don’t see an indication of what they’re looking for within moments of landing on your page, you can expect them to venture off and find it elsewhere. This is what is being referenced when we talk about bounce rate.

What is bounce rate?

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When searching for a product or service, we often come across thousands, if not millions, of options for what we’re looking for. Often times, the first site may not include that eye-catching message pointing us in the right direction. In that case, we leave right away without checking out any other page on the site.

This action of leaving a website without visiting any other pages of the site is called a bounce. This in turn increases that website’s bounce rate. In technical terms, it’s the percentage of visitors that leave after viewing a single landing page. In short, this is not what you want for your business.

To prevent this, we’ve identified 7 ways to help decrease your bounce rate and increase your business!

1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. You’re not going to search for, “How to combine ingredients that result in tasty cookies.” Typically, you’ll simply search “How to bake cookies.” While this example is fairly basic, keep in mind that using relevant keywords when creating your landing pages will allow for more traffic to your site; and not just more traffic, but visitors who are actually looking for that specific content.

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