Tips for Bing, Deezer V3, Revolution in Iran

Here is the 55th edition of the tickets of the week. On the program of the day, tips and tricks to better use Bing , the new version of Deezer. Diversion of the subjects of the Bac phyllo or even a nice list of Twitter services . Good discovery ! Web news and reflections paper Enkai  Philippines WhatsApp Number List footprint. promoting quality, avoiding pollution : our online activities generate too much noise. for little quality. And if the solution was to limit our actions? What to expect from a corporate blog?  The benefits are numerous. HOWE will find their account! Antoine Duping – Links of the special day Revolution in Iran: an important subject that has been at the top of the bill on the web in recent days. Geek after all Google Chrome contest: build the logo! An original video competition. The goal is to recreate the Chrome logo in any way possible.

Tips and Tricks to Better Use Bing

Ilona – Freenet, freedom of expression at all costs! : an anonymous network that prohibits any censorship. Good or bad? Tools and Services tool Kysban – 4 tools to make it easier to copy/paste on the Internet : always useful to keep on hand so you don’t need to send Philippines WhatsApp Number List by email. Around the web – 100 Twitter tools to help you achieve your goals : a long selection that can help you sort through the many existing applications. Homo Sapiens Internetus – Microsoft Bing: Tips and Tricks: A few things you might not know yet. Edonis – Twitterio offers a ranking of influencers on Twitter: an additional ranking or a real interest? In any case, the good news is (among other things) that Fadhila is in the top 10. Jean-Marie Gall – Socialize Part 2 Icon Set, Free Icon Set: a nice collection of icons.

Tools and Services Tool Kyana

Philippines WhatsApp Number List
Philippines WhatsApp Number List

Blog motion – Impressions of the new version of Deezer (v3) : a refurbishment that will perhaps reboots the sector leader. Relaxation relaxation The eco-blog – Download the calendar of Philippines WhatsApp Number List vegetables : always good to know. Consuming better and cheaper is important! Feelings – The earth is also drawn on an apple! : a nice ephemeral achievement. Googolplex – A life-size undam! : a giant Undam of 19 meters and 35 tons, impressive! Vodcasted – Bac Philo 2009: Cinema has its answers! : the philosophy baccalaureate unleashed passions this year, with many transpositions to themes closer to us. This deserves a look. Antoine’s blog – Big Buzz High Tech Blogs: when Lepus unveils the 10 rising high-tech blogs, the results may seem strange. In any case, I’m really happy to find Antoine there.

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