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According to reports from the Wall Street Journal some startups are starting. To work in this sense to make the process of choosing potential talents more. This is the case of Guy Halterneck CEO and founder of Knack a start-up based in California.  Which is working with a team of neurosciences psychologists behavioral scientists.

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The Israeli entrepreneur is testing the  ramification Armenia Phone Number of work  through the creation of a series of games that serve to test the cognitive skills that employers may require. They range from the recognition of forms of emotional intelligence to the propensity to risk. The ability to adapt to changing situations. A test with Yale students Halterneck says combine the results of the games with academic grades. Just ten minutes of play can give enough data to predict performance.

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According to Chris Chabris of MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence a member of. The Knack team games have huge advantages over traditional recruiting tools like personality tests. A lot more things can be test quickly and the performance cannot be. Some companies are starting to believe it.

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