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There’s nothing wrong with that. Conclusion: you can Mexico Phone Number use control and checking in this way. (Just being in control sounds silly to me personally.) 4. Dramatic “The Dow Jones rose dramatically.” Steeg dramatic? It’s the opposite of a drama isn’t it? In Dutch, dramatic comes across as weird in a positive sense . Conclusion Mexico Phone Number avoid the literal translation of dramatic if you mean spectacular (positive) or drastic (neutral but strong). 5. Global Corona is a global crisis: the disease has spread worldwide. But is there also a Mexico Phone Number global plan? The latter can be either a ‘global plan’ or a ‘general, non-detailed plan’, just as a global estimate is a ‘rough estimate.

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Conclusion: global in the sense ‘global’ has Mexico Phone Number become established (which is also apparent from globalization , for example ), but be careful with it anyway. Avoid it if there is confusion. 6. Homemade A homemade apple pie has Mexico Phone Number rarely seen the inside of a house. Home-made products almost always involve something that comes from the kitchen of a café or restaurant or from an (industrial) bakery: a product ‘from the house’. If you make something yourself, it is homemade or homemade , or handmade in the case Mexico Phone Number of non-edible things . Homemade is modeled after the example of homemade or hausgemacht.

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Conclusion: there is nothing wrong with Mexico Phone Number the word homemade , but the meaning is deceptive. 7. Industry The tourism industry is having a hard time. You might faintly notice that there are apparently factories where tourists roll off the assembly line. But industry is quite widely accepted as a synonym of branch , sector or Mexico Phone Number essence . Conclusion: feel free to use industry , but also alternate. 8. Calendar A calendar hangs on the wall; think of a birthday calendar or a tear-off calendar. Events can also figuratively be ‘on the calendar’ (well, not right now), but you put your appointments in your agenda, whether on paper or Mexico Phone Number digitally. (Fun fact: agenda literally means ‘things that have to be done.

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