Three Games to Understand Global Warming

Blog Action Day 2009 takes place today . Unity is strength ! I chose to focus my article on flash games to bring a playful and engaging side to those who will try it. This is a Greece WhatsApp Number List better understand the phenomenon. Here are three games that can help young and old to better understand the problem of global warming . Energy This Quebec site, proposed by the Energy Efficiency Agency , is particularly well done.

Blog Action Day 2009 Takes Place Today

You must take the character by the hand (literally) to make him perform daily actions that help fight against energy waste. You have two minutes to find the maximum number of interactions. A good way to raise awareness among as Greece WhatsApp Number List possible and to understand how we can fight against global warming on a daily basis. energetic Clickity Your goal? Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in your city. Everything is good to get there: reduce the use of fertilizers, build wind turbines, develop landfills and dams… You have 50 years to achieve your goals. An exhibition is also available and accompanied by many tips and explanations to make a difference in your everyday life .

This Is a Good Way to Better Understand the Phenomenon

Greece WhatsApp Number List
Greece WhatsApp Number List

A real success, to put in all hands! climcity A quiz for the youngest This Quebec government site offers a quiz for the youngest . The questions will be simple and basic Greece WhatsApp Number List opening towards this problem. It’s always interesting and important to educate your children from an early age!I presented to you a few weeks ago 5 ways to highlight your photos . Here is a sixth that has some potential. It will appeal mainly to globetrotters and travel fans . iMapFlickR is a mash-up that allows you to present your photos on a Google Maps. They are therefore geolocated . This can help highlight one of your journeys, a world tour or the discovery of a country for example.

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