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The International Red Cross adopts the “software as a service” (SaaS) mode, after the successful experiment with talent management.Organized with small group training courses around the world (20-30 volunteers at a time) and little access to on-demand training, the humanitarian organization had a wasteful and ineffective system. “We knew we were doubling our efforts. There was no consistency and the business was fragment admits Jean-François Goulay staff development manager of the human resources department of IFRC. Thus at the end of 2008 it was decided to identify a centraliz Learning Management system, with the aim of expanding training opportunities and at the same time recovering homogeneity . The choice fell on the Learning Cloud solution byCornerstone OnDemand. A company specialized in providing Cloud solutions for talent management.

Thousands Of Red Cross Volunteers

However at first the IT division itself Iceland Phone Number was dubious. Our colleagues had  no experience with SaaS. So we partner with Cornerstone to allow our IT staff to learn. In the end they were pleasantly surpris at how simple the system was to use. The consultants made their time available to understand our organization. Our needs with a true partnership approach not a customer-supplier approach adds Goulay.


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So now the Red Cross can guarantee continuous training  on demand to a base of 16 million volunteers. “In 2013 we expected to reach 40,000 users, but by the end of the year we counted 100,000,” says Ariel Kestens, IFRC’s global head learning & research . Now the goal is to reach 5 million by 2020 and to complete the training course for 10% of the volunteers. Most of the courses upload to the platform so far are meant to help volunteers become future leaders. Thus aim at operations management . At the same time the digital mode winks at young people Millennials have higher expectations. They are more demanding about what the organization should do for themadds Kestens.

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