These Were the 10 Most Searched Brands on Google in 2001

I will try to convince you of the benefits of building an engaged community on the media channels you own. I would like to make three key points. First, social media is not owned media. Second. Owned media is not social media. Third, neither social media nor owned media are suitable for hosting a community. That’s why I’m a firm believer in the Greece Phone Number List category: social media.Let me start by saying that I am biased. Very extreme. For me, it’s personal. I’m the founder of the disciple. A company whose mission is to empower people to build communities. This is because of my frustration in trying to build a community around the record label I work for. I was faced with an unwelcome compromise: either I had to use static. Unpopular websites and mailing lists—or—hand off my content to social media to connect with their audiences.


#1. Social media is not owned media

Marketers talk about three media channels; pay, own and earn. But where is social media? When social media started, it was a relatively cost-effective way to reach and engage your audience in your own space. A lot has changed over the past decade. Facebook is now the category king of mass social networks: the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp and world Greece Phone Number List company. As Mark Bonchek wrote in the 2015 Harvard Business Review: “You do have your own social media accounts and profiles. It’s like putting your name on your mailbox. But as your landlord, these companies can come in at will Your apartment, renovate the building at any time – and keep the profits from your improvements to the property.

It’s Like Putting Your Name on Your Mailbox.

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The analogy I often hear from community managers is: “If you want to catch fish, go where the fish is”, and there are 1.4 billion such fish on Facebook Greece Phone Number List But the price of bait is going up, and if you try to fish without bait, you won’t catch much fish. I won’t deny that social media is an extraordinary way to reach customers/viewers, but today it’s a paid channel, not an owned channel.

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