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Many managers still think that social is only useful for the IT. Marketing departments while in others it could even represent a risk . Others focus on technologies and forget the importance of initiating plans to trigger.  The evolution of corporate culture produce greater productivity. Innovation through collaboration in the most important business processes.

The Way To Smart Working

The four points for introducing social media into the Bolivia Phone Number company According to McKinney, already today almost everyone  employees customers shareholders includ makes use of social technologies. While it is still too early to understand their impact on corporate culture. Work  it is certain that they can make contributions of great value by fostering greater internal openness information sharing and organizational flexibility.

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Understanding social media is therefore an important aspect for managers. As well as being Able to be pioneers of a new organizational model destin to change the business as we have known it so far. McKinsey identifies four fundamental principles in the implementation of social technologies in the company that we list below. Add value and not complexity . Social technologies produce greater value when they are at the heart of the organization and complement existing processes. They should not be seen as accessories, but become an integral part of workflows.

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