The Use

The search for personnel in the age of social networks. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter are increasingly use by users to communicate and – why not – make themselves known. What are the advantages of this?. HR directors mostly from medium-large companies.And the results are interesting. Only 15% of respondents do not believe in social media as a recruiting tool.

The Use Of Social Networks

The use of social networks to support the Croatia Phone Number research. Selection of personnel This trend is also revealed by Croatia Phone Number another research – Recruiting & Social Network – by Lorenzo Public, Hr & Communication Specialist.  HR managers use social media systematically and sporadically.  While 46% of the sample uses it sporadically 37% have also develop their own internal policy.

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According to the data collected, the most used social network is LinkedIn follow by Facebook  Twitter YouTube. As expect Link In is by far the most use social network for recruiting recruiting. Moreover in the quarter end in June the company record revenues of over 363 million dollars an increase of 59% compar to 12 months earlier. Worldwide users are today about 240 million.

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