The Rights and Duties of Bloggers, by Reporters Without Borders

Yes, net neutrality and freedom of expression should allow you to move online without fear. But no, the Internet is not a lawless space. There is sometimes a fine line between expressing one’s thoughts and crossing the yellow line. Especially for a blogger! At a time when attacks are increasing from politicians and the media, it is important to know your rights and duties Algeria WhatsApp Number List. Defamation, insults, image rights, copyright or even reactions to complaints, Reporters Without Borders recently published a complete document on the question. A must read if you have an online space. There are several ways to approach new technologies. Some focus on the latest novelties, trendy gadgets or trending services.

A Must Read if You Have an Online Space

Others prefer to have a reasoned and open vision on the world by analyzing the impact that these can have on our daily life and on the future of our planet. It is this second option that drives Motherboard, a video platform (but not only) affiliated with Vice Magazine and opened a few months ago. The site is (of course) participatory and offers a lot of original content. Topics include video games, art, design, music and more Algeria WhatsApp Number List. Please note that the texts are in English. The concept is interesting, the content too. To explore ! For this 57th edition of the Toolbox, I offer you 5 web services and a video. Special characters for Twitter, examples of Facebook fanpages, a nickname generator or the American series, there’s something for everyone! Good reading.

My Username Generator

Algeria WhatsApp Number List
Algeria WhatsApp Number List

Pic Ghost There are hundreds of sites allowing you to modify your images online, from the most elaborate to the most basic Algeria WhatsApp Number List. Pic Ghost has the particularity of allowing you to work on 20 images at the same time: resizing, adding watermarks… It’s up to you! pic ghost face book showcase Need inspiration to customize your Facebook fan page? Here is a gallery offering examples by theme. Great for seeing what’s going on.

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