The Responsible Blogger’s Guide to Dealing With Big Brother

It feels like an anonymous platform where we can do and say whatever we want. But 2010 has a lot in common with 1984, and Big Brother comes in some form George Orwell never dreamed of. An important fact.

You need to know that many people seem to forget: What you can’t un Google When you launch your word into the Canada Phone Number List universe of blogging and social media. You are a digital footprint laid in a concrete. Concrete is the internet elephant and. It will  be, forgotten. The versions of your site are cached. Facebook’s privacy blunders have ugly real-world consequences.

What You Can’t Ungoogle

And the U.S. Library of Congress even intends to archive our tweets. It feels like you  held accountable for your rash, but you can. Here are some tips on blogging ethics that will help keep your reputation clean. Especially if you plan to be part of your blogging business, you need to protect your interests.  And what doesn’t get final control over the promotion.

Canada Phone Number List
Canada Phone Number List

Please understand that not everyone will agree with you no matter what the policy decides. Then,i personally have a “post all comments” policy that adds little to the conversation except in the case of spam or blatant self-promotion spam. I also think that including the first comment is a moderate link for all comments (legitimate then whitelist of commenters). Some blogs allow spam, some don’t. Some allow profanity, some don’t. Every blogger needs to figure out what to do with doing trolls.

Understand Defamation

This is your blog, your phone. It’s always smart to make your commenting policy clear. My developers are now coding my site properly, so my opinion policy appears in a cool style below each post. If you become known to delete comments just because readers aren’t wagging their tails, your credibility and authority will suffer. On the other hand, letting trolls run free or allow spam to spam your comments won’t do your reputation any favors either. proper certification If you use a photo in your blog post, use the image from a legal source . (Assuming, of course, that you don’t use your own pictures or photos.) Buying photos from a picture house usually doesn’t require photo credit, although a few do

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