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Avoiding the Spaghetti system Many variables that lead us to say that. We need to adopt different technologies for different generations. Issues such as the computerization of IT can no longer be ignor. Hence the need to integrate procedures technological islands often disperse. The management of talents in the company requires a common technological. Functional infrastructure  explains Pisano  which emphasizes the core processes of the organization. The point is to integrate all sources of information while avoiding the Spaghetti system .

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Yes, because interfacing between Ivory Coast Phone Number information sources does not mean integration. “I can have the best job rotation, compensation, and talent management system. But if these systems are not integrated with each other. I will judge my salesperson only for the achievement of the quota certainly a partial vision of talent explains Pisano.

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The Cloud initially seemed to place organizations in front of a technological either-or: either all Cloud or all in-house, especially when the integration between the two types of solutions was not adequate to ensure harmonious management of all processes.Now the issue of integration with OnPremise systems becomes crucial, both to allow companies to capitalize on the in-house investments already made, and to respond to all those cases in which the conditions for an efficient operation of the Cloud are not there.

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