The Perfect Combination: 3 Reasons Every Blogger Needs a Forum

When I started blogging about myself for months before and after leaving the magazine world, there were two platforms I knew I needed to start: blogs and forums. I learned from my previous blog magazine that the two platforms complement each other perfectly. I think all bloggers should consider the benefits of linking to their blog forum.

Here are three that I’ve found strengths: 1. Forums are hotbeds of ideas . To be an effective blogger, you need to know what people chat Poland Phone Number List with to give them great content, answer their questions, and serve. Tune into the chatter on the forum sparks the idea of ​​a blog post. For example, I knew from reading my forum thread that finding an agent was a huge concern,

Forums Are Hotbeds of Ideas

so I decided to start interviewing agents for my blog. This blog provides the connections my forum members expect.Then and the forum. In turn, gives the blog a built-in audience. 2. Forums promote collective dialogue . Of course, most blogs allow comments. But the comments are not a real conversation, they respond with a monologue.

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Poland Phone Number List

Surely the blogger controls the flow of information on the blog. For, a forum is a better platform for conversations and relationships to develop, and that’s where community building really takes off. 3. Forums are a great place to find guest posters . This is the perfect place for people to find convincing ideas and engaging writing styles to clients after your blog. Almost since my blog started I’ve been getting posts from my forum members. A forum member posted a thread about getting scammed by a shady self-publishing company.

Forums Are a Great Place to Find Guest Posters

I know this is the perfect blog feed, after I asked a client of this author he seemed happy to write for me. In addition, I recently asked several forum members to do guest posts to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which is an important event for my community, however, I did not participate, these guest posts are especially popular and Comment. I think first hand accounts are always better blog posts than third person pieces.

If you are interested in starting your own forum. Truly there are many platforms available, including open source software like phpBB. I decided to go with vBulletin, which sells for $180 to my own discretion.

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