The Key Factors

The McKinney Global Institute estimates that eliminating the obstacles that still exist in the. Area of ​​digital social interactions could lead to greater revenues for companies for a figure that. For 2012 is estimat between 900 billion and 1300 billion dollars. A good reason to consider social technologies not to be consider as yet another IT tool to be implement. But as enabling business transformation all the more effective. When the company is able to identify the organizational problems that can be solve with their use.

The Key Factors To Consider Along

Already today many companies obtain business value Benin Phone Number through the “external” use of social technologies, but this is only part of the advantage that can be obtained. Communication within companies Although 80% of managers say they use social technologies in their company. Very few have any idea how to use them to achieve large-scale impacts. With explicable and measurable effects.

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Only a quarter of managers say their company has incorporated social technologies in a meaningful way into their everyday work by adapting their internal organization, systems and processes . For this reason social technologies are unlikely to bring advantages in companies that are more rigid in changing their mental habits, where it is necessary to work hard to convince employees to use them as a substitute for e-mail in a work environment where sharing of information is essential. ‘information.

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