The Italian Microsoft

The Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) was born the Italian offshoot of that sharing place to. Help companies to understand the real value of technology for business . The MTC – explains Carlo Purassanta, managing director of Microsoft Italy – is an experiential center, a place for companies to experience innovation scenarios and inspire them on how the world and business are changing through technologies.

The Italian Microsoft Technology Center

With the Technology Center, Microsoft aims to Denmark Phone Number offer training. Consulting by leveraging the skills of its partners both OEMs and operators in the ICT supply chain. The objectives are essentially two comments. Tiziana Oilvieri, Director of the Enterprise Division and Partner of Microsoft Italythe first is to show and touch how technology can make processes more efficient. The second is to inspire new business models for growth through the circulation of ideas.

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The briefing suite will host business strategy sessions. Thanks to the modularity of the space it will be possible to divide the company interlocutors into groups. Offer target advice also by virtue of the specific role played by the various subjects.The “immersion suite” will instead offer the possibility to concretely experiment with different technological environments.

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