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With regard to the IT systems designer a profession for which the ideal candidates are IT graduates. There are 900 of the approximately one thousand expecte for this year.  Hiring difficult to find equal to almost 85% of the total. In the field of information technology among the top twenty “unobtainable” professions. With difficulty rates around 30% of the recruitment plan for this. Year also the consultant software the programmer analyst the computer programmer . Finally with 22% difficulty in finding the software developer also returns Engineers are the most request.

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On the other hand, considering the professions with the Macedonia Phone Number greatest employment opportunities, always among the “doctors”, the nurses stand out with about 3,500 hiring of graduates, followed by the administration staff (3,000) and professional educators (2,200). Professional opportunities from which new graduates will also benefit to a large extent.

Strategic Evolution Of Banks

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Above the thousand requests for graduates, on the other hand, there are bank counter staff, mechanical designers, software developers, commercial technicians, high school professors, computer programmers and designers and pharmacists. Among these professions, young recent graduates will have greater chances of employment in the case of IT system designers and bank counter staff (75%).


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