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The forecasts on employment levels for the next ten years in Europe estimate that demand. Will focus primarily on so call white jobs and digital but forecasts indicate. That even traditional jobs will be profoundly modifi by the digital revolution Locus. The think tank led by Linda Allotting parliamentarian of Civic Choice. Vice president of the Senate looks into the future of the world of work with the report  Professions.  Training in the 21st century  in which it states that in Europe by 2015 there. Will be about nine hundr thousand jobs related to the CIT world.

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Developers, analysts, accessibility Czech Republic Phone Number experts are missing. In particular, IT system designers, software consultants, analysts and developers, usability and accessibility experts, engineers experts in low environmental impact technologies, security experts will be missing.A problem that affects the whole of the Old Continent and in particular Italy where there was a decrease in employment relating to job positions with skills defined as “high skills”, compared to an average European increase of.This is accompanied by an increase in demand for professions with a lower qualification (3% “low skills”, plus a minimum decrease also for professions with a “medium” qualification); in 2012 in Italy, in fact, only 4% of companies hired or tried to recruit ICT specialists, one of the lowest values ​​in the EU together with Romania and Portugal a value equal to half the EU average.

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That difficult intersection between supply and demand From the Unioncamere data it emerges that, while many young people find it difficult to find work, even companies struggle to find personnel adequately qualified to fill the position sought.This analysis shows that the reasons connected to the incongruity of the training and professional preparation of candidates account for 38% of the non-recruitments “Of this percentage, 5% is specifically attributed to the lack of structures capable of training for new professions”.

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