The Event That No Community Manager Can Miss

The link between brand loyalty and connected customer experience has never been clearer. That’s what inbound marketing is all about – nurturing prospects and existing customers throughout the buyer’s journey, from consideration to post-purchase support. It’s time for businesses to stop thinking about customers only in terms of transactions. But as a real and meaningful relationship, it can, directly and indirectly, add value to the entire brand. But if Argentina Phone Number List implement their marketing strategies, we still see that most of the effort is directed to the top of the funnel – visibility, acquisition, and conversion. Many brands also rely on online communities during these stages to find and nurture potential customers. Unfortunately, the other end of the customer lifecycle often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s time for retention and loyalty for more love.

How do you encourage meaningful engagement?


Brand loyalty differs from customer loyalty in that it all depends on how people perceive your brand. And customer loyalty is mainly related to the spending power of customers. In contrast, brand loyalty has little to do with discounts. Still, it does have a significant indirect impact on your bottom line. Unlike customer loyalty, which is driven by factors Argentina Phone Number List and acceptance of upsells and cross-sells, brand loyalty is entirely determined by social engagement. In today’s information-driven world, these online social interactions are more diverse and widespread than ever before, so much so that they have knock-on effects on the success of any modern organization.


Building a sense of belonging through community


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Belonging is not just about having nice things. This is a basic human need and a major factor in mental health. It is part of the concept that defines human nature and separates us from the machines on which we are so heavily dependent. There Argentina Phone Number List community-driven by authentic relationships and meaningful human interaction. Without that sense of belonging, there is no emotional connection. The above may seem obvious, but belonging is not just about our personal lives. It’s also about our relationship with the brand. Think about your favorite brands. It might not be your favorite because it’s full of billboards or often interrupts your web browsing experience with annoying pop-up ads. In fact, it’s probably your favorite brand because it makes you feel something.

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