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The relationship with suppliers is also still traditional in most companies in a logic of outsourcing low value-added activities. A leading role in the transformation of the HR world albeit with different impacts depending on the area. Personnel administration remains the most computeriz area together with that of training. Performance evaluation on which investments this year are also concentrat.

The Conference Of  The HR Innovation

Almost one in three HR managers recognizes the Netherlands Phone Number need to oversee the analysis of metrics organizational. Design knowledge and collaboration management internal communication and the corporate climate more with information systems. The new digital trends Social and Business Intelligence (BI) are the most widespread digital innovations in the HR divisions.

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In particular, Social Networks are used for recruiting by 50% of respondents, the intranet for internal communication by 37% and collaboration platforms and professional communities for knowledge management by 29%.
As for BI , it is the digital tool that grows the most in the short term, in particular in performance evaluation, in organizational design and workforce management, and in training.Cloud and Mobile, on the other hand, are still in their infancy in Italian companies.

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