The Challenges Of

It is necessary to understand how many and which high-level professional skills are absorb. Dy our labor market today and which training courses are more functional. In the absence of this paradoxes arise such as the very high unemployment rate. While there are many vacancies in our companies. There is a lack of specialist degree courses. There are no schools of trades while the market needs welders machine tool operators installers artisans .

 The Challenges Of The Human Resources Director

Filippo Passerini, Group President Global Business Ghana Phone Number Services & Cio, P&GPasserini’s point of view is very similar: “I have lived in six different countries – he explains – and I have noticed that the virtuous circle of job creation always arises when there are strong synergies between the state, business and the academic world: Israel in this is a phenomenal model, it has become the second most technologically advanced country and has minimal unemployment rates.

Between Strategy And Technology

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The challenge from abroad the Fincantieri case While waiting for the structural changes necessary for the. Italian system it is particularly interesting to understand what policies the individual companies are implementing to attract, manage and retain talent in the current situation. Fincantieri, for example, is a significant ‘laboratory’, having only become an international reality since 2009, through an acquisition in the USA.

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