The Best Way to Continue Increasing Your Conversion

Once you commit to CRO

you’ll find that it can be a bit Canadian CEO Email List addictive. If you go from a 3% conversion to a 5% conversion, you’re going to want to get to a 10% conversion. A rates is to test different scenarios.

We’ve all heard about the mythical company that changed their old gray submit button to green and saw a 3,000% increase in conversions. Don’t be disappointed when this doesn’t happen to you. Conversion rate optimization is more complicated that this.

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Figure out a scenario for what you think would impact your customer and then make that change.

This is why establishing a baseline is so important. If you don’t have a baseline set, you won’t know if you’re improving.

Here are some quick and easy things to get started testing:

  • Shorten every form on your site to collect just the basic information that you need. If you’re trying to generate sales leads for your sales team, you don’t have to ask 20 questions about their business, sales volume, profit margins, etc. Just get contact information (if your site is setup with a marketing automation platform you can find what product they were looking at from there).
  • Setup navigation based on the different segments of customers that you sell to. Let them go to the area that just talks to them.
  • Stop using industry jargon on your website. The biggest problem with website’s today is a visitor’s inability to read a page and understand what the company is saying.
  • Give the visitor the information that they need, at each stage of the buying cycle. They will not contact you before they are ready to talk to someone and if you don’t give them the early stage information, they will go to a site that does.

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