That Difficult Return

Today we are a highly dynamic company expanding abroad. We are changing people’s attitude towards work. While respecting the very strict Italian laws – explains Andrea Colombo -. We are also internationalizing skills and procedures. For example for the acquisition we had to hire experts in international law and finance that we did not have.  With the raising of the retirement age to find ways to motivate and keep talents up to old age. To constructively coexist several generations.

That Difficult Return Of New Mothers To Work

But above all we have set up a periodic assessment Guatemala Phone Number activity on all people, and of ‘forced’ rotation and growth, to avoid ‘blocks’ and force promotions and succession plans, focusing above all on what we call ‘people of the three leaps’, that is, talented young people who have to grow up in a short time, much lower than the classic Italian career ones ».This policy led to 140 transfers in 2012, of which more than 40 overseas. “The challenge is to convince them: many have families and ties.

The Very Few Large Multinationals

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Therefore it is necessary to know how to ensure attractive conditions, but this is even more true for young people, who move more spontaneously, but must be encouraged to return with a real career plan” .P&G promotes internals, Edison the group As for P&G, it invests heavily in training and career development because it is one of the very few large multinationals that strongly favors internal promotion: “In particular, for medium and high management levels we do not recruit externally , and this requires a great deal of work to always have a succession plan ready for all managers in this bracket ”, explains Passerini.

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